Emotional First Aid Training for Parents, Teachers & Community Leaders

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“When you ask me to see your child, the conversation you want them to have with me, is the conversation they are trying to have with YOU
– Enda Murphy
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“Similarly, the conversation you want me to have with your child. Is the one that YOU are trying to have with them.”
– Enda Murphy

Learn the skills to help your child navigate their way through our tailored courses

‘What makes this programme unique is that it focuses on providing education and support direct to the people who have the most contact with the young person, namely the teachers, parents and community leaders.

This is a much more effective method of helping children as it utilizes relationships that are already established in their lives.’

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Five Steps to Happiness

Five Steps To Happiness

Learning to explore and understand your emotional mind.

Do you suffer from panic attacks? Do you ever feel afraid, anxious or even depressed? Would you like to feel more in control of your emotions? Five Steps to Happiness: Learning to Explore & Understand Your Emotional Mind offers steps to overcome certain behavioral patterns and also removes the stigma that can be associated with conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Extremely practical in terms of identifying and address mental health problems based on experiences from Enda Murphy’s longstanding and respected career as a mental health professional.