What We Do

Our programmes focus on providing education and support direct to the people who have the most contact with young people, namely teachers, parents and community leaders.

This is the most effective method of helping children and the work of the mental health services as it utilizes relationships that are already established in childrens’ lives.

As parents, most of us feel that programmes and parenting books must have been written with someone else’s family in mind, because they just don’t seem to work with ours.

There are however, ways in which theory can be translated into practical skills that are easy to understand and implement by ordinary people like us.

Using a variety of psychological and educational theories, See Me blends skills and insights into Emotional First Aid programmes that are easily understood by all sections of the community.

Our programmes help communities better understand the problems encountered as we grow, changing the very way in which we support our children

This gives communities the knowledge and skills to be able to support the current work of professionals in applying solutions to their children.