Who We Are

Most of us, feel ill equipped in supporting our kids navigate their way through to adulthood.

See Me supports adults in the community by arming them with the tools to open conversations with young people about emotional health and practical skills to respond to their needs.  See Me translates psychology into practical emotional first aid skills for parents, teachers and community leaders to achieve this.  In doing so, communities are better equipped to help their children become resilient adults.

This is at the heart of what we do, and we want you to join us.

Our philosophy is based on five basic principles:

  1. As adults, we all want the tools to be able to help guide our children through to adulthood
  2. Mental health is not rocket science, and neither are the skills needed to help our children navigate through the emotional minefield of growing up
  3. Young people want to be seen and listened to
  4. They want to know who they can turn to and who will always have their back
  5. These skills should be as freely available as air.

What is SeeMe?

SEE ME, is a not for profit Emotional First Aid training programme, headed by Enda Murphy, one of Ireland’s best-known Psychotherapists, Author and a mental health professional for over 37 years.  Our team ALL share a passion in seeking to provide practical solutions to the recurring nature of problems encountered by parents, children and adolescents today.  Whilst we are all experts in our respective fields, we are not expert parents, no more than you are.

Every parent struggles’ with trying to help and guide their kids. We however have decided to do something about it and would love you to join us.

Who We Are:

  • Enda-Murphy-SeeMe-Founder

    Enda Murphy

    Founder / Director of SEE ME

    Enda Murphy is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBT)living in Louth.

    He is probably best known for his frequent media appearances on ‘Today with Sean O Rourke’ on RTE radio and The Hard Shoulder with Kieran Cuddihy on Newstalk radio.

    He is also the author of two Irish Times bestselling books:

    ‘Five Steps to Happiness. Learning to explore and understand your emotional mind’

    ‘Flagging the Screenager. Guiding your child through Adolescence and young adulthood’

    Enda is the Assistant Director of the North East General Practitioner Training programme and a much sought-after speaker at international medical conferences around the world.

    His firsthand experience of having ADHD has given Enda a unique insight into the difficulties children and adolescence face in growing up. This insight has enabled him to translate complex psychodynamics into easily understood programmes for parents, teachers and health professionals.

    He is director of The Glendale Clinic where he works alongside his colleague May Wang in helping overcome the myriad of issues faced by individuals and families alike in todays world

  • Garrett-Harte-Profile-1w

    Garrett Harte


    Garrett Harte is a multi award-winning media executive and former Editor in Chief of Newstalk radio. He is a Senior Industry Advisor with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD)

  • Barry-O'Sullivan-Palo-Alto-Tech

    Barry O’Sullivan

    Investor and Advisor

    Managing Director of Palo Alto Technology Partners and has over thirty years’ experience in the Technology industry. He is known for his prolific technology investing and is one of the dragons from the TV series Dragons’ Den.

  • Andrina Moore

    Board Member

    Andrina Moore is executive director at the Iris O’Brien Foundation which manages the philanthropic and charitable interests of businessman Denis O’Brien.  She works closely with Irish and overseas charities that the foundation supports by providing advice, support and access to a network of professionals and advisors.

  • Damian Purcell

    Board Member

    Damian Purcell co-founded Secure Broadcast Ltd in 2011. Championed by Fortune 100 organisations, Secure Broadcast is disrupting video communications through a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and patented next generation player technology.