The principle aim is to deliver a comprehensive Emotional First Aid educational training and support programme, for teachers, families and those working with young people. We want you to feel ready for a conversation when it is  needed in your school, home or social club. What young epole need is to feel they are being heard and that there is help when they need it.

We have known for years that to manage our mental health, most of us merely need two things; information and support. Information alone however is not sufficient. Educational materials given to people without the proper support have shown to be ineffective. Nevertheless if combined with guidance, coaching or facilitation then outcomes are extremely good.

The majority of children can be helped to overcome their distress through ‘low intensity’ educational programmes as it compliments the work of the professional services, making interventions more effective.

What makes this programme unique is that it focuses on providing education and support direct to the people who have the most contact with the young person, namely teachers, parents and community leaders. This is the most effective method of helping children and the work of the mental health services as it utilizes relationships that are already established in childrens lives.

This programme, gives communities the knowledge and skills to be able to support the current work of professionals in applying best practice solutions to their children.