One in 4 people in Ireland will suffer from mental health problems at some stage in their life. 75% of the first onset will occur under the age of 25. These problems are most acutely experienced in families and schools. Recent research has shown that a significant number of children are suffering from Anxiety and 25% of 18 to 25 year olds are showing signs of Depression

Parents and teachers provide the foundation of their children’s lives and have significant influence, particularly in the early years of children’s lives.

In their Better Outcomes, Brighter Future report, Government policy is committed to  providing support to communities, there is a significant gap between these aims and solving the problem, as there are very few programmes that TEACH parents and teachers how to help their children overcome Panic attacks, Anxiety and Depression

As there is no effective emotional first aid model to help people identify the most common mental health issues experienced by children and put them into a simple framework from which teachers and parents can easily identify them, there are very few programmes  providing practical skills which can be used when these problems are encountered.