Zeminar Presents Enda Murphy CBT | The Raggy Doll Club

Zeminar Presents – 21st January, 2019

Zeminar and PwC brought Psychotherapist Enda Murphy to the Main Stage – in his own words a living breathing Raggy Doll.

With experience in all facets of mental health, the best-selling author and Harvard faculty member has worked all around the world specialising in anxiety and depression, and believes that first aid for mental health should be just as important as first aid for a bloody nose.

Enda has created a programme that will equip teachers and parents with the tools to deal with symptoms of anxiety and depression. The Raggy Dolls Club will advocate embracing our imperfections as a means of eradicating anxiety.

Frustrated with the way that anxiety was being approached, he created his own method, based around the idea that anxiety is caused by five main thought errors. He believes that there is no such thing as an anxious child, merely a child who has yet to learn the tools to deal with it.

With plans to roll their toolkit out countrywide, into primary and secondary schools, The Raggy Dolls Club remains very much a grassroots movement, whereby it’s all about passing the knowledge and message on.

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