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What can I do when my child is anxious or has low mood? How can I help my hyper child to concentrate? How do I help my daughter achieve a balanced body image?

How do I manage my son’s aggression and get him to cooperate? How can I motivate my children to study? These are questions that we ask every day,

By simplifying complex theories into a jargon free format which is easily understood, this programme gives parents and community leaders, practical skills to understand and guide their children.

Did you know that children don’t reach full adulthood until they are 25? Looking at your own brood, you probably suspected this all along ?, but isn’t it nice to have it confirmed, and know now that it isn’t as a result of your parenting !

‘A mother’s place is in the WRONG’. As parents we blame ourselves for everything that goes wrong with our kids. Understanding that you don’t have to be perfect to be an effective parent and actually identifying where you are getting it wrong is a balance that none of us are good at achieving.

Kids don’t come with an Ikea assembly manual and neither did we. For some mysterious reason, we navigated our way to adulthood, but like the rest of us, you probably have no idea how you did it, you just did.

So how can we teach something that we have no idea how we did ourselves?

Course Content

The programme helps you identify the most common mental health issues experienced by your kids and puts them into a simple framework, where problems can be easily identified and solutions implemented.

This enables you to confidently guide your kids through the most common issues they encounter as they navigate their way through to adulthood.

The programme does this by showing you:

  • How to create the best environment where your kids will feel safe, validated and able to talk openly with you.
  • How to understand what they are trying to communicate
  • How to respond with confidence that you’re doing the right thing
  • How to implement boundaries in a way that kids will understand and respect them.
  • Learning the things kids would like you to know about them
  • Letting your kids get to know the real you
  • Identifying the most common emotional difficulties encountered by children and giving them, through you, practical skills, which can be used when these problems are encountered.

The programme is held over 6 workshops which can be either one evening per week or two Saturdays depending on each group’s needs.

If you are interested in joining us book a date.

However, if you are interested in becoming involved and organising a programme in your area or community group, contact us.

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