As we grow, we see the world as it is. Which is usually at odds with the world our parents and teachers want us see.

Trying to navigate our way to becoming an adult is difficult enough, but when we feel that grown-ups just don’t understand us or seem to spend their whole time getting on our back, then its infinitely more difficult.

This programme will give you the tools to understand your emotions … Why you feel the way you do and most importantly how to respond to everything you encounter in your daily life. Digging your way out of holes, not into them.

How would you like to know:

  • How to understand the world I’m in and how to respond to it
  • How to cope with difficult parents and teachers
  • Getting grownups to listen to me for a change.
  • How to teach adults to understand the world from my perspective
  • How to get people off my back
  • Why I feel lost and don’t know what to do
  • Why I feel different to the other kids
  • Why it’s not me that’s wrong … its my thinking
  • Why I feel sick when I wake up in the morning?
  • Why I can’t sleep at night?
  • What are panic attack and how can I get rid of them?
  • Why when people tell me what to do to feel better, it doesn’t work for me?
  • How can I be more confident amongst my friends?
  • Why do I always feel like I’m the one who is not normal?
  • Why, when I do what they tell me to do, does it feel make me so bad?
  • How can I make bullies go away and leave me alone?
  • How can I switch off the washing machine in my head?
  • Why the answers that I am given by adults, never seen to answer the questions in my head
  • How can I overcome the terror I feel when I have to face exams?
  • How can my parents and teachers understand me, when they never felt the way I do? Or did they ?
  • How can I get my parents to understand that you can’t pause a live game?
  • Why do parents keep thinking that I’m misbehaving when I’m just doing what feels right for me and what can I do about it

If you would like these questions answered and are interested in becoming part of this, then ask one of your parents or teachers to contact us.

Courses held are of varying length and content appropriate for each group

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