Have you ever thought when a pupil blows off at you or bursts into tears in class ‘They never taught me how to deal with this in college’?

Or have you felt that you’re caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to trying to help your students.

Having worked at the coal face of mental health for over 37 years, Enda is acutely aware of the limitations teaching practice puts on you in your interactions with your students.

Teachers are in a very difficult situation that no one seems to acknowledge…I want to be helpful but where am I between teacher and confidant. How can I be helpful to my students whilst still maintaining my professional boundaries?

Finding the balance between your role as a teacher and a mentor is a very precise skill to learn.

In this programme you will learn that you’re not unique.

The programme provides everything you need to know about how to get kids to talk to you and how to respond as their teacher.

For further details on course content please follow this link.

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